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Sleep needed

Oh by the gods Mondays suck.

Starting the second week on the job and I pray it's not as bad as the first week.

this job kinda sucks, but I will get over it. I certainly have had far worse jobs than this. The folks here are nice enough, it's clean, and its seemingly pretty safe. I don't get paid a whole lot, but then who does these days?

I would say life is good it I am working, lol

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Flip the switch

I wish they had better filters. All of them!

I don't wanna read tweets here, I have a twitter account for that. I don't wanna see livejournal posts on Facebook, I come here for those...

Most importantly I don't care if you unlocked spam points from flood central as that is all it is ~ flooding my feed with spam.

Please social media give us a way to block this shit... It's making me wanna log off.

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Welcome Pope Petrus Romanus!

Peter in Greek is Petros, meaning ROCK.

Assissi, which is where the location of Saint Francis (Francis of Assisi) which is also know as Rocca Maggiore which means BIG ROCK. ROCK = ROCK

He was also born in Buenos Aires, but of Italian immigrants....meaning he is Roman by decent.

But going back to the name he chose, Francis. Francis was also an Italian, and his full name was Francesco di Pietro di Bernardone.

Please note the Pietro which again means Rock, is translates to Peter.

So there ya go, the 112th Pope is Peter the Roman and will be the last Pope...
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(no subject)

Woke up with a dreadful headache that black flag does not seem to be helping with... But will get better, as the fire is rekindled and the stove almost has my coffee done.

Yesterday I found a forgotten bag of coffee... Creamy Hazelnut. It's left over from my birthday where everyone got me coffee.

Which was a good thing as I am getting tired of the generic coffee we have been getting.

Today I have to pull wood up to the house from the old shed, which will suck, but is part of life I reckon. Also plan on working in the root cellar a bit, as it needs cleaning.

But enough about me, lets talk about you...

How ya doing?

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I always wear a smile

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This song comes from the way back... as in like 1983/84 and has been a major driving force in my life ever since. It was the main reason I was happy in school, the main reason I was giddy out of school, and most importantly why I always wear a smile.

Though this is not to say that I have been living a lie, far from that... I have always been rather happy, I blame it on being borderline hypermanic...which I truly was up till the moment my Grandfather died. Its been down hill ever since... but it's been a slow decline, lol.

On many levels I am happier now, truly happier, not just strangely euphoric. I love my life, I love my wife, I love my home, my daughters, my pets, my farm life... I love everything about me.

But still this song lingers, adding a tweak to any frown that happens to creep up. Adding a smile where a smirk would be. Adding laughter where there used to be silence... as to me this song is a yearning for happiness. Something that should be strived for. Especially when you do not know what else to do....

If this song could be summed up in ONE word, that word of course would be...


And what better word is there than that?

So rather than sitting around wondering what to do, rather than sulking, smile. It does not matter if you can explain it, it doesn't matter if they will understand it... but a smile, any smile, leads to a genuine happiness that may or may not be explained by normal means, and that is something you will never find in any store.
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Facebook you are dead to me...

This is my LJ folks, so feel free to add me to your Flist here.

I am hoping to get back to how I used to be when I was on here before. Poetry is something I certainly expect a bit more of that.

You can also likely expect me to get away from all the political BS that has been hovering around me over the last several months.

Its time I was happy again...and as ignorance is bliss, I wont be following news or politics, and the only religion I will concern myself with is my own.
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Like sand through an hourglass

I wonder if I will be able to stand the tests of time.

There used to be less drama here but drama seems to be rampant there. So now that I got lj to work on my phone I wonder if I can break my new addiction and get back to my old one.

Hope everyone enjoys my autocorrect!
lj flip

Could be back...

other then the random spam comments in older posts, what are the current flaws with LJ these days?

Facebook is just making me madder and madder with all the changes they keep making, and that they keep reverting my prefferences and settings to things I do not want. I've had enough, so figured I'd come back here and give LJ a second chance... maybe.

So what are the issues with the place these days?

Currently I am on a PLUS account, so if you know of the troubles with that, lemme know that as well. I could consider a paid account, so the more info the better on all levels.

Who is still here anyway?
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